Brad Brad The Handy Dad

Hi! I'm Brad Stevison: An adjunct faculty member at Columbia College, a full-time dad, and a professional handy man. 



The rates below are pricing are examples, but I'm always willing to negotiate.  Please contact me for a FREE consultation.


  • Within the city - $80 per hour

  • 50 mile radius of the city - $100 per hour

  • Calling you Sport — $5 extra.


Buying my first home, becoming a husband and a father have all made me realize that I have this Dad shit on lock. I can grill a perfect medium-rare steak, help you install a garbage disposal, replace your shower head, and talk to you about the importance of regular home (& Rental) maintenance.


Example Jobs

New Services Added!
- Pressure Washing (so much power)
- Snow Removal (with and without fancy new snow blower)
- Landscaping (Green thumb included)

Hardware Installation:
- door knobs, cabinet & drawer pulls, shelving, curtains, blinds etc

Basic Electrical:
- outlet, switch, dimmer, smoke detector, thermostat replacement

Simple Plumbing:
- leak repair, faucet/shower head replacement  

Art Mounting

Furniture Assembly 

Light Fixtures

Ceiling Fan Mounting & Repairs

Basic Appliance Maintenance & Repair

Basic Hvac Maintenance

Drywall Repair


Tile Repair

Weather Proofing

Window Unit AC Installs

Snow Removal


Child Proofing

TV Mounting

Sound System Installs

Bike Repair

+ And More!

Additional Gratis Services:
Cracking Open Cold Ones
Sportsball Chatter
Calling You and Your Friends Sport



Heather Spearman
Vice President, JLL

Dan Dietrich
Audio Engineer and Consultant

Val Carlson
Creative Director

Zena Burns
Principal, Moxie Coalition



Babe, can you please fix that today?
— Liz Stevison, Web Designer, Wife & Mother
Whoa. You fixed that all by yourself?
— Gary Stevison, impressed father of Brad
Brad’s burly beard, obsessive attention to detail, and ability to fix almost anything makes me feel like less of a man.
— Ron Swanson, Director of Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department (Probably)


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